Corporate Mission

The corporate mission is to commercialize the OSCARTech® automatic parallelization technology for industrial application software on multi-core CPUfs from embedded equipment to supercomputer, offering customers with by far the fastest speed, the lowest power consumption, the shortest time to market, and the highest quality.

Corporate Profile

at January 23, 2019
Company name Oscar Technology Corporation
Address Room No.302, Building No.40, Waseda University, 27 Wasedamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0042 Japan
TEL +81-3-5286-2160, FAX +81-3-5286-2567
Capital 50 Million JPY
Date of Establishment February 28, 2013
Business Scope Parallelization Services and Software Licensing
Board Members President Takahiko Ono
Director Masanao Ohashi
Director Noriaki Ito
Director Akira Nodomi
Director Katsuhiko Shirai
Director Kunihiro Ashida
Director Shigeyuki Tsuchida
Director Takuya Inoue
Auditor Shoji Honda
Auditor Shuichi Matsuda
Auditor Yoshihide Hirowatari