Paving the way for the practical application of the OSCARTech® Compiler with the help of Denso, K.K.

Oscar Technology Corporation (headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Takahiko Ono, below "Oscar Technology") is pursuing the productization of the OSCARTech® Compiler, a tool for automatic parallelization. The core technology is based on research results of the Advanced Multicore Processor Research Institute of Waseda University, Tokyo, regarding automatic parallelization of software for embedded devices.

Recently, Oscar Technology has released the next generation of the OSCARTech® Compiler with significantly improved parallelization capabilities. On this occasion, the company obtained the cooperation of Denso, K.K. (headquarters: Aichi-ken, Kariya, President: Koji Arima, below "Denso"), and jointly assessed the applicability of its automatic parallelization technology to programs for automotive ECUs. During the evaluation, favorable results were achieved.

Furthermore, Denso has participated two times in capital increases of Oscar Technology to provide the company with financial backup for development costs and other expenses. The total sum of direct past investments granted by Denso currently amounts to 325 million yen.
In the future, Oscar Technology will continue to drive forward additional functional development. Moreover, the company will steadily go on to confirm the effectiveness of its automatic parallelization technology for further device types, including additional systems from the embedded domain.